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Nuair Polska Sp. z o.o. was established and began its activities in the domestic market ( at the time as Nutool Polska)  in Autumn 2002. Being the younger sister Nutool UK (United Kingdom), in short time has become a resilient company, which is a distributor of a wide range of pneumatic tools, compressors, power tools and machinery, both domestically and abroad.

FINI NUAIR Group (FNA) is at the present one of the biggest manufacturer of compressors worldwide.  On compressed air market FINI NUAIR has great achievements in all three segments : industrial, proffesional and DIY. FINI NUAIR offers its customers wide range of products starting from small , portable compressors and finishing with heavy duty industrial units , taking constant care of technical details as well as of visual effects and nice design. Therefore FINI NUAIR products have interesting, unique design having also enhanced reliability and higher efficiency.  All this makes them like the best choice and ideal tool for the most demanding hobbyists and professionals.


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All our products are manufactured to the highest quality standards by using the most advanced technologies offered on the market, both in terms of choice of materials and as far as manufacturing processes are concerned. Strict tests and controls are carried out throughout each stage of the production.

Our compressors conform to the following international certifications:


Other product certifications: 
Croatia - Bosnia Erzegovina - Serbia 
Pressure vessel specifications: 
CE - ASME - Singapore - Indonesia - Israel - Australia
To demonstrate the attention dedicated to quality, we choose to certify our company management system in compliance with ISO 9001:2008 Standards, certified from TÜV Italia s.r.l. (TÜV SUD Group), which has as its main objective orientation of activity processes towards Customer requirements and continuous improvement.

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Pneumatic accessories

Pneumatic accessories

Compressors pumps

Compressors pumps

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