Belt driven two stage compressor 200 ltr STANLEY FATMAX

Belt Driven two stage compressor.  Designed for heavy duty work.  Easy to move thanks to large sturdy wheels , two casters in the front and well profiled handle .  large intake filter reduces noise. Sturdy plastic belt guard that protecs all parts in motion and thanks to the large slots increases ventilation of the pump unit. Pressure regulator with dual compressed air output. 



  • Belt driven lublicated compressor with tank 200 l; 
  • Two stages pump  type NUAIR  NB4,
  • Power 4 kM (  3000 W)
  • 2 cylindres
  • max pressure 11 bar,
  • air displacement  480l/min,
  • RPM 1480 obr/min.
  • Volt 400V~50Hz.
  • Weight; 112kg




Additional Info

  • Kod Nuair: N4LC601STF037
  • Barcode: 8016738764208