Stanley oil-free compressors

Very powerful oiless compressor . Can perform at up to 10 bar increasing the air reserve in the tank by 25% . Perfect for home and hobby aplications . ON/OFF switch and control panel.

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  • Kod Nuair C7CN404STN052
  • Barcode 8016738704112

Compact , light and easy to carry . Low noise level makes it possible to use at home or flat. ON/OFF switch and integrated control panel . 

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  • Kod Nuair 8213360STN049
  • Barcode 8016738704082

Extremely versatile compresor with 2 HP power and an ample reserve of air. Sleek design thanks to the compact upright tank. Large handle and wheels make it easy to transport.

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  • Kod Nuair 8117180STN067
  • Barcode 8016738750478

STANLEY AIR BOSS . Perfect for all home and hobby aplications. Simple and easy-to-use comtrol panel . Easy to transport thanks to the shoulder belt and the comfortable handle. Storage compartment for accesories . Compact for easy storage. Can be storaged at any position . Can work at any position .

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  • Kod Nuair AIR-BOSS
  • Barcode 8016738754438

Perfect compressor for all home and hobby aplications . Cover with control panel and two built -in storage compartments for accesories .

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  • Kod Nuair B6CC304STN003
  • Barcode 8016738702620

Small , portable oiless compresor. Helpful for domestic use or crafts.  ON/OFF switch and control panel with easy-read gauge makes it simple to use. Tool hook and power cord reel on the back . Rubber feet for enhanced stability during work

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  • Kod Nuair C6BB304STN039
  • Barcode 8016738703788

Voltage 230V~50Hz.  Compact and easy to operate. start/stop integrated switch . Integrated control panel . IN color box kit of air accesories : blowing gun ,  inflating gun ,  spiral hose  5m, kit of 3 inflating nozzles.

Oiless pump . Can operate in any position . 


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  • Kod Nuair C6BB304STN071
  • Barcode 8016738752038