Oil-free industry

tech bezolejowaIn many business sectors and in certain production processes high quality totally Oil-Less compressed airis a basic requirement for the continuity and the quality of these processes. Thanks to its reliability the FINI NUAIR Oil-Less technology (0.55 to 315 kW) is servicing many manufacturing processes: the pharmaceutical industry, the production of food and beverages, medical labs, special food treating equipment (milking robot, for example), chemical industry, the painting and in all cases where the Class 0 certification is required.
 The range of FINI NUAIR oil-free compressors is divided into 4 categories:

  1. Piston compressors oilless from 0.55 to 2.2 kW: compressors with direct drive low speed, ideal for the dental industry;
  2. Rotary Compressors "SCROLL" type: from 3.7 to 22 kW, silent;
  3. Compressors with catalytic converter: 22 to 75 kW screw compressors with direct drive full catalytic converter that converts the oil molecules in water and carbon dioxide, making the air suitable for all uses where the oil is not allowed;
  4. Oil-free screw compressor from 75 to 315 kW: for industrial needs where required oil-free air.