Stanley Fatmax oil-free compressors

Compressor  SILENT STANLEY FATMAX S 244/8/10 PCM

Pump type - OL244 

Tank 10 litres , Power 1,5 Hp , max pressure 8 bar , RPM - 1450 , Air displacement 130 l/min , weight 28 kg 

Centralized control panel with double gauges , pressure reducer and air output. 

High performance and reliability .

Fixed handle for easy carrying either by wheels or lifting 

Extremely quiet motor

Lightweight and compact . All components protected due to proper contruction of steel casing


Accustic pressure (Lwa) 84 db

Additional Info

  • Kod Nuair B4PP304STF557
  • Barcode 8016738766868


Oiless compressor STANLEY FATMAX . This oiless compressor features an original design and meets the needs of hobby worker , as weel as an amateur or a skilled handyman looking for specific product . The large handles and upright tank ensure easy handling and practical transport and storage. The shroud mounted panel features a full set of controls for quick and easy use.  Heavy duty plastic shrouds protect the internal mechanical parts.

Additional Info

  • Kod Nuair 8117230STF503
  • Barcode 8016738763867

Low noise compressor STANLEY FATMAX 

Oiless compressor , very quiet . Ideal for households . Heavy duty plastic shrouds protect internal mechanical parts . Great for indoor spaces including your home or office . Control panel with 2 easy to read gauges. 6 litre tank . Stable thanks to use of rubber feet.

Code  : B2BL104STN564

Power supply : 230V~50hz 

Power : 0,75 KM / 550W

Max pressure  : 8 bar

Tank  : 6 litrów 

Air displacement : 105 litrów / min

RPM  : 1450 

Additional Info

  • Kod Nuair B2BL104STF564

STANLEY FATMAX oiless compressor .

Oiless " TABLET" class compressor. Unique control panel contains all the devices for the machine operation. 


Additional Info

  • Kod Nuair 8117240STF504
  • Barcode 8016738763874

Oiless vertical compressor 50 ltr STANLEY FATMAX

Pump OL195 with  1,5 HP .

Maximum pressure 10 BAR

Tank 30 ltr 

Air displacement  180 ltr/min 

Voltage & frequence 230V~50hz 

Weight 21 kg 

Ideal for all hobby application.  Complete and compact control panel , large handle makes it easy to carry . Useful wheels make it easy to move .

Storage compartment for accesories built into the shroud. Comfortable front tool hooks.

Additional Info

  • Kod Nuair 8117200STF501
  • Barcode 8016738763843

Oiless TABLET range.  All TABLET class models featured ona control panel taht contains all the devices for the machine operation.


Additional Info

  • Kod Nuair 8117260STF506
  • Barcode 8016738763898


Oiless TABLET class - All models feature a control panel that contains all the devices for the machine operation. 


Additional Info

  • Kod Nuair 8117250STF505
  • Barcode 8016738763881

Oiless STANLEY FATMAX compressor with built in hose reel.

Designed to satisfy hobby workers as well as professionals.

Extremaly space saver thanks to intuitive on wall instalation.

Built-in hose reel 9m: maintains your
workspace neat and clean without
the need to move the compressor in the work area

compact and sturdy design.
The plastic shrouds protect the internal mechanical parts

Useable with a wide range
of accessories and pneumatic tools.

Oiless pump PL197 with 1,5HP power.

Air displacement 160 ltr/min 

Max pressure 8 bar


Additional Info

  • Kod Nuair 8215410STF585